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Top 20 Best Free Shortcodes Plugins for WordPress

Download top 20 best free shortcodes plugins for wordpress . Shortcodes plugins allows you to add custom buttons, content boxes, tabs and accordion panels, build call to action and information boxes in to wordpress post and pages . Using shortcodes You can choose color, size and shape for any of these elements. If you are thinking to create a creative post or pages on your wordpress running site with stylist buttons, boxes but don’t know how to do that, Even you don’t know any coding then these plugins ideal for you.

These plugins works with any free WordPress theme so you don’t have to buy a premium theme or anything else to use plugins listed below. I have added just summary of every plugins but clicking the download/more info button you can download and know more about these plugin.

On our next post we are going to add a list of free E-Commerce  plugin list those can generate more sales smoothly & easily for you so keep in touch and don’t forget to bookmark WebTechelp .

Shortcodes Ultimate ( Download / More Info )

With this plugin you can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, different sliders, responsive videos and much, much more. Turn your free theme to premium in just a few clicks. Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can quickly and easily retrieve premium themes features and display it on your site. See screenshots for more information.

Know More : 40+ Reasons Shortcodes Ultimate Is A Must Have Plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode ( Download / More Info )

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode enable you to add bootstrap 3.0.3 styles in your pages, post and custom post in simplest manner. Just by one setting, you can use bootstrap styles in your themes, which are not bootstrap based themes using Bootstrap Shortcodes.

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode

WordPress Shortcodes ( Download / More Info )

An amazing free set of great elements for your site: SEO-ready tabs, sections, buttons, links to any content, author cards, lists, layouts and more!

WordPress Shortcodes

Theme Blvd Shortcodes ( Download / More Info )

This plugin works in conjuction with the Theme Blvd framework to create shortcodes for many of the framework’s internal elements.

Theme Blvd Shortcodes

Column Shortcodes  ( Download / More Info )

Adds shortcodes to easily create columns in your posts or pages.

Sometimes you just need to divide your page into different columns. With this plugin you just select a column shortcode and it will add the column to the page. You can also change the padding of each individual column from the UI.

Column Shortcodes

J Shortcodes ( Download / More Info )

J Shortcodes allows you to add custom buttons, content boxes, tabs and accordion panels, build call to action and information boxes. You can choose color, size and shape for any of these elements.

J Shortcodes

Shortcode Exec PHP ( Download / More Info )

Using this plugin you can execute arbitrary PHP code using shortcodes in your posts, pages, comments, widgets and RSS feeds, just like manually defined shortcodes. The shortcodes and associated PHP code are defined using the settings of this plugin. It is possible to parse and use shortcode parameters and to use shortcode content. Defined shortcodes can be deleted and disabled.

Shortcode Exec PHP

Shortcoder ( Download / More Info )

Create custom “Shortcodes” with HTML, Javascript snippets stored in it and use that shortcode within posts and pages. Check the demo video.


WP Canvas – Shortcodes ( Download / More Info )

A family of shortcodes to enhance your site functionality.

WP Canvas - Shortcodes

My Shortcodes ( Download / More Info )

Highly flexible shortcode builder environment. dedicated areas for template view, javascript input, custom PHP library, external/CDN css and javascript sources. This enables you to render the page or posts with the requires scripts and styles to be placed where it belongs. not all in the shortcode replace area.

My Shortcodes

ShortCodes UI ( Download / More Info )

This Plugin adds an admin UI for creating shortcodes without the need to code, edit code, or even know code.

ShortCodes UI

Arconix Shortcodes ( Download / More Info )

With this plugin you can easily add various kinds of styled boxes, buttons, tabs, accordions, unordered lists and more. Choose from the supplied options or advanced users can easily add their own by extending the built-in styles.

Arconix Shortcodes

Shortcodes Pro ( Download / More Info )

Shortcodes Pro allows quick and easy creation of WordPress shortcodes and TinyMCE rich editor buttons from the comfort of the WordPress interface.

Shortcodes Pro

amr shortcode any widget ( Download / More Info )

Include any widget in a page for any theme. [do_widget widgetname ] or [do_widget “widget name” ] or include a whole widget area [do_widge

amr shortcode any widget

Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes ( Download / More Info )

After you have installed the plugin you can use simple shortcodes on any page or post to add tabs or accordions.

Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes

Custom Content Shortcode ( Download / More Info )

From a single field to entire pages, Custom Content Shortcode is a set of commands to display content where you need.

Custom Content Shortcode

Shortcode Menu ( Download / More Info )

This plugin gives more flexibility for custom menu. Shortcodes will be used to show your menu in the Sidebars, Footer Sidebars, Posts or Pages. Using shortcode you can customize the menu attributes. Also you can set your custom id or class to a menu. You can display ordered list menu as well.

Shortcode Menu

Rotating Tweets  ( Download / More Info )

Twitter widget and shortcode to show your latest tweets one at a time an animated rotation


Google Map Shortcode ( Download / More Info )

This plugin allows to include instances of Google Maps in your blogs with a simple editor button. You can insert maps everywhere: in your theme files, posts and pages. The points can include custom title, description, marker and thumbnail. The plugin is designed to allow multiple interactions with the users: Animations, Slideshows, Scrolls and more.


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