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Social Stock: New Way of Gaining Online

Online money making has become a popular tendency in the last few years. It is not surprising if to consider all the advantages it has. First of all everyone can find his or her niche in the internet. Secondly, you can find occupation relevant to your skills and requirements. Thirdly, you don’t need any special conditions, like office or your own team. You can work alone from any place you like: your house, cafe or sunny beach of Maldives. Anyway, depending on your skills and time you can invest into the affair you can gain from light additional income to a full-legitimate earning. In this article we won’t talk about the cases when you are a freelance web developer, writer, teacher whatever. Here you have your primary profession and offer your services as an independent specialist. Online marketplaces can offer you lots of projects, from which you can choose the suitable one. This article will be interesting to those who are searching for additional earning to their primary occupation. We want to introduce you to a new project from one of the world’s leading template providers, TemplateMonster. The project is called Social Stock and this name basically reflects its specificity. But first things first.

The project has already gained an army of strong supporters. The secret of such popularity lies in its simplicity. You don’t earn actual money here, but you can get some pretty valuable prizes. If you want only money, don’t rush to close this article. There is a money prize as well. Let’s scrutinize the project and explain you all the details.

Who is it for?

Judging from the name the project has something to do with social media. This is really so. If you are a sociable person, have a lot of friends and can’t imagine your life without Facebook or Twitter, Social Stock is right for you!

What do you need to do?

To get started you need to sign up to the project. The sign up form is right on the main page and it won’t take you long, as for the registration you just need to enter your email. Now you need to check your inbox. With the welcoming letter you get your personal 10% promocode for all products from TemplateMonster collection. From now on sharing this promocode is your main goal. For each usage you get 1 point. The more points you have, the more valuable prize you can get.

header register

What are the prizes

The prizes vary. The easiest to achieve prize is $100 on your PayPal. It will cost you 10 points. To get the main prize, which is Tesla Model S, you need to have 10 000 points. What is in between you can see below.

  • 10 points: $100 on PayPal;
  • 20 points: SmartWatch Pebble;
  • 50 points: iPad Mini 2;
  • 100 points: iPhone 6;
  • 250 points: Camera Canon EOS 6D;
  • 500 points: MacBook Pro;
  • 1000 points: Harley-Davidson Street;
  • 10 000 points: Tesla Model S.


After you have collected enough points and chosen the prize you need to click the green button next to it. If there is no green button, this means that you don’t have enough points to charge this prize yet. To keep track of the prizes delivered there is a special counter on the home page of the project. o one has got Tesla yet, but other prizes have already been delivered for a number of times. Nothing can be more inspiring than a real life story. Here you can read a success story from one of the Social Stock winners.

How much time do you have?

Officially Social Stock runs until 12/31/2016. After that all unused points are zeroed. If there would be another turn of the project (and it might be), you will have to start earning points from scratch. So hurry up, you still have some time!

What else you should know?

Of course, you can’t just impose the promocode to everyone from your contact list. In this case the number of your friends may decrease essentially. To give you an idea of how it is better to run your sharing campaign TemplateMonster has prepared a set of ready-made tools for you. You get a full access to the tools’ page after registration. Here is a collection of funny memes, messages and all the stuff you might use in your campaign. However if you really want to achieve top results, you shouldn’t limit yourself to it. Creating your own memes, images or any other method of sharing, you personalize the process. The audience will definitely feel it and your message will perform much better.

The best way to sell the idea (or the product) is to visualize it. Show your friends what they can get with the promocode, presenting several templates from TemplateMonster collection and saying a couple of words about them. The product is really worth it. All the templates feature up-to-date design meeting all today’s standards. Advanced functionality makes it easy to apply them to any project. Each theme has a powerful customization module in-built. With its help you will be able to customize your website without any technical knowledge and coding skills. However for those who want to get a ready-made product, there is TM Service Center. These guys will fulfill any your requirement within shortest possible time. We have chosen 5 bestselling templates to give you an example, but you can surely chose your own, as you know your audience like no other.

Starbis – Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Starbis is the most flexible website template. It boasts innovative Novi Builder, which makes the customization process a piece of cake. The template comes with 5 child themes for niche businesses and more than 100 HTML pages. Moreover Starbis is eCommerce ready, meaning you can launch an online store without any efforts.


Details | Demo

Bellaina – Professional Real Estate WordPress Theme

Bellaina is a really revolutionary template, designed specifically for real estate niche. All the features it possesses aimed to satisfy the needs of clients and to facilitate the realtor’s work. Cherry Real Estate Plugin provides advanced search options, where the client can set all desired parameters to find right what he needs.


Details | Demo

Eveprest – Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme

Eveprest is a functional solution for any online store. The theme includes 5 niche templates for fashion, furniture, spare parts, electronics and one product store. Lookbook functionality is the zest of the template. You can create hot spots on the images. Clicking on them the clients will get detailed information about the product.


Details | Demo

Jumerix – Multipurpose Joomla Template

Jumerix will fit any project, from personal blog to online store. VirtueMart integration and ready-made pages allow you starting online store right out of the box. The template offers several variants of homepage, multiple blog layouts, lots of pre-designed pages, different header and footer styles. In a word you can completely adjust it to your needs and purposes.


Details | Demo

StoreFlex – Multipurpose OpenCart Template

StoreFlex is a fully functional theme for your online store. Multiple skins and advanced customization options give you lots of opportunities to personalize your website. Powerful layout builder makes it easy to edit the existing pages and to create the new ones. RTL support gives you a chance to expand your business.


Details | Demo

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