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Why Is It Better to Use Managed WordPress Hosting?

There are actually quite a few different reasons why you should be considering going with WordPress hosting as opposed to shared hosting or a small VPS. With so many different types of hosting options to choose from, finding the right one to match your specific needs can be a bit of a challenge.

The fact is that WordPress hosting has a lot of great things to offer, and it’s important that you explore them as much as possible. This article will explore some of the more significant reasons why you should start looking into managed WordPress hosting so you can make an educated decision. The hosting option that you choose can have a huge negative or positive effect on your website, so it’s all up to you.

1. Support

The very best reason to consider choosing managed WordPress hosting is that it has incredible support. A vast majority of these providers only deal with the WordPress platform, so they therefore have the experience necessary to help you with whatever you may need. A lot of general hosting providers don’t have the kind of extensive experience with WordPress that is preferable for most people.

These providers don’t deal with Drupal, Cpanel or Magento like most others. The support teams that focus on one specific area usually become experts, and you will certainly benefit from that.

Most people rate support for managed WordPress hosting providers very highly, so you will need to keep that in mind. The overall quality of the support that you get from your hosting provider is extremely important, especially when you are having a major problem that needs to be solved promptly and effectively.

The better your hosting support is, the more likely it will be that your website runs smoothly on a consistent basis. A reliable and knowledgeable support team can make all the difference when it comes to helping you get what you need.

2. High Performance

Another good reason to consider choosing managed WordPress hosting is that the environments that most of these providers offer are designed to work very well with WordPress sites. Those who opt for a shared host or host themselves will find that they’ll spend a lot of time installing software and optimizing before getting the environment just right.

High-performance managed WordPress hosts will also provide you with the latest and greatest architecture, which is beneficial for a number of reasons. This usually includes technologies like HHVM as well as PHP 7 and NGINX. All of these technologies have a reputation for working well with WordPress in terms of sheer speed and performance.

With features like server-level caching along with full page caching, it’s not difficult to see why so many people are choosing these hosting providers. The overall performance of the provider that you choose will be incredibly important, and these providers are definitely known for offering their customers the best and most compatible WordPress solutions.

If you want your website to run smoothly, it is incredibly important that you make a point of at least looking into this type of hosting before making a final decision. The environments that you can get from managed WordPress hosts are quite impressive and will enable you to unlock your site’s full potential.

3. Automatic Backups

It’s always important for you to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. The last thing you want is to lose everything on your website because of a cyber attack or technical malfunction. A standard managed WordPress hosting provider will have backups of their customers’ websites, so you won’t have to worry about losing everything.

You will find that most shared hosts will also offer backups, but you will need to pay extra for a premium account. The fact that this service comes standard with managed WordPress hosting is definitely something that you will want to keep in mind.

The importance of having at least one backup of your website cannot be overstated. Thousands of people lose their websites and everything they have worked so hard for each year simply because they didn’t have a backup.

4. Single Click Staging Environments

Testing your site is incredibly important, because you simply cannot afford for it to go down. You will find that most web hosting providers use testing processes that take a lot of time and are overly complex. The one-stage clicking environments that most managed WordPress providers include are typically very easy and don’t take a lot of time.

You definitely don’t want your testing to take too long or be difficult in any way, simply because it’s something that you’ll likely be doing on a regular basis. One-click staging environments will make testing your website for vulnerabilities and issues as easy as possible. These environments are crucial when it comes to making sure that your website runs smoothly on a daily basis without any major problems.

5. It is Great for Developers

Managed WordPress hosting is definitely great for developers, simply because these providers give their customers access to additional developer-friendly features that shared hosting usually doesn’t offer. With the average managed WordPress hosting provider, you can expect to get SSH access, Composer, HeidISQL, Sequel Pro and Git.

The fact is that shared hosts usually won’t give you SSH access, so you can’t use any of the above listed features. If you are using a DIY VPS, you can typically set these up, but it will probably require you do to some extra work. The fact that these hosting providers offer so many tools and resources for developers is just another reason to think about taking advantage of these services.

With a managed WordPress hosting provider, you will be able to access your SSH connection information through an intuitive dashboard at any time. You simply won’t be able to get the same benefits with most other types of hosting providers, so you will want to remember that.


There are a ton of benefits associated with choosing managed WordPress hosting, and it’s very important that you at least take some time to consider this option before making a final decision. While it might be true that this type of hosting will cost you more money, it is well worth it when you consider all of the benefits that you will enjoy.

The fact of the matter is that managed WordPress hosting will give you peace of mind because of how reliable and comprehensive it is. The support with this type of hosting alone is enough to think about taking advantage of it.

With this type of hosting you will always have a copy of your website as well, which means that you won’t have to worry about what is going to happen if there a malicious cyber attack on your site. These days more and more people have started gravitating towards managed WordPress hosting, simply because it has so much to offer.

When it comes to maintaining your website and keeping it running smoothly on a consistent basis, you will need to select the right hosting option. Managed WordPress hosting offers a number of effective and convenient solutions that will allow you to get as much as possible out of your site.

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