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Interview with David Braun [TemplateMonsterCEO &Co-Founder]

Have you ever thought of creating a website for your business or a hobby? Do you know that you can do it yourself, just customizing a ready-made template? There are dozens of template providers on the Web, which offer you diverse and professional web designs. One of the most popular providers is TemplateMonster, a monster corporation which constantly produces new and new templates. We’ve managed to take an interview of a TemplateMonster CEO, David Brown, whose answers reveal the secret of how TemplateMonster was born, tells about the harsh competition they faced and the plans for the future.

A: Hello David, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed and being today with us.
B: It’s my pleasure.


A: As far as I am concerned, you manage to combine a passion for work with a passion for life. Before I continue to asking you questions about your company, could you describe what kind of a person are you? What helped you become what you are now?

B: That’s a nice way of putting it. I’m an entrepreneur, a drummer, a social activist and, of course, a proud father of 3 children. I get ignited by new projects and ideas, they give me power to fulfill them.

A: That sounds inspiring. Could you briefly describe what TemplateMonster does?

B: We at TemplateMonster create HTML5 templates and the most popular CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify and so on. We also develop original plugins and extensions to make sure that the themes have the fullest functionality possible. We also have several projects which help people learn about creating a website even if they didn’t purchase a template from us, regardless of their skill level: MonsterPost, Startup Hub, Template Help. Our aim is to create a unified A-Z ecosystem, where everyone would be able to find everything related to web design, starting from customizing templates to marketing business tips. These also a certification program for design studios which is a real bargain for small companies.
Also, we have a number of projects that can help site owners earn a significant amount of cash promoting our templates. First of all it’s our Affiliate Program, Social Stock

Recently we’ve released number of flagship templates for various CMS, like:





A: Every company has its own exciting story of start. How did your company get started to be able to grow to this scale?

B: Clearly, we were not always like this. Before the concept of TemplateMonster was born, we used to be a US-based web design studio, founded in 1998. At some point the studio turned into an online store selling templates. What pushed us towards that change, was a huge number of requests for a cheaper website. Not everyone needed a custom design, and I came up with the idea of creating templates. We started with PSD templates, then started producing WordPress themes, and after that we widened our template selection by other CMS templates.


A: It would be naive to assume it was that cloudless as you describe. What difficulties did you face during your 15 years in this company?

B: In the first years of TemplateMonster existence web design business was new lands to the world. It was a ‘Wild West’, we’ve faced DDoS attacks, frauds, and other stressful situations, but we withstood all of it. Nowadays, the Web is definitely a much safer place for entrepreneurs.

A: Wow. No struggling – no development, right? Let me ask you a question why exactly customers should consider using TemplateMonster themes, what makes you different from the rest of theme providers?

B: Being a TemplateMonster customer gives you a life-time support and updates. The templates choice is huge, there are over 1250 WordPress themes, 1000+ Joomla templates, 4000+ HTML templates and so on. We continue releasing new themes Even before the purchase, you may contact our live-chat support and our support team will help you.

A: You also have many free templates which look like premium ones. What’s the difference?

B: Free templates are simpler. Premium templates have a more sophisticated design. Free templates don’t have any support, while premium templates have a life-time support and updates. When you care about how your website looks and, most importantly, works, you prefer to be backed up.

A: Could you lift the veil of secrecy and tell us what TemplateMonster is planning to do in the future?

B: There is no secret. In the nearest future we are planning to launch a marketplace, where designers and web studios will be able to sell their products. See you there!

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