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How do I move a blog content to website without loosing blog traffic?


When you redesign or upgrade your blog to website, you may find that the rankings may suffer if you do not apply appropriate strategies. These strategies can be URL redirection or website migration. It is most likely as whenever things modify drastically the search engines mention that- “this must be a different site”. It is quite sad to perceive that when you have worked hard in past years to optimize the search engine rankings for blog, and then suddenly you see that all your efforts are in vain with the new website. Therefore, there are few significant guidelines and approaches to adhere to while redirecting your blog content to a new website successfully without losing blog traffic.

Focus on URL:

If shifting the domain you require making use of google webmaster tools to designate this change to google. Apart from that, make sure that any businesses listings or citations also change the website address for maintaining consistency. It is recommended to retain the prevailing URL structure of all past URLs with the new URLs of website whenever possible. This essentially suggest you to keep your blog’s URLs/permalinks the same while moving for a new website. If in case, you are moving from one platform to another and the previous blog’s URLs are setup with .php or .html extensions but the new website doesn’t make use of extensions, then you may need to consider applying extensions.

Check Google Analytics:

While moving bog content to website, if you are getting rid of any pages through redesign, check Google Analytics. Then confirm that the pages you are eliminating don’t presently drive a lot of traffic to the website or possess higher rankings under some terms. It is known that pairing down your blog content too much and getting rid of higher rankings pages of websites can severely affect your overall rankings. It is also a suggested approach to setup 301 (permanent) redirects from old blog to identical page on new website. It is useless to redirect everything to the homepage as this makes a bad user experience and can crash your bounce rate as well.

If you outsource blog content from an online marketplace named Contentmart, you can get higher blog traffic. This helps in situation of crisis when you face a little loss of traffic when moving bog content to website.

Focus on 404 page:

It is vital to make sure that you have no 404 page that has a constant title tag showing “Page not found” or showing “Nothing found for…” hence you can look for 404s in Google Analytics as well. You need to check for 404s in google analytics after the new website is made live and then follow below steps.
Go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages, then click over Page Title text link located beside “Primary Dimension”. After that, type in that starting of your title tag in the displayed search text box and click on search.

The blog content you receive from Contentmart can be easily moved to new website without major traffic loss. The platform also helps to deliver unique content in different niches as per requirements.

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