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Get more with TemplateMonster Social Stock Program

Get more with TemplateMonster Social Stock Program


You should know about TemplateMonster as it is a famous company with a loud name. These guys are not only making really great templates, but also deliver some interesting projects. Today you will get to know about one of them. It is created for those, who spend most of the day online and who is eager to spread cool ready-made stuff on the web. We are talking about TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Program . It is oriented on the active social media users, so that it is possible to make money and win prizes. You have heard that right! No investments, only profit, are you interested already? Let’s learn some things about TemplateMonster itself.

About TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is a professional company and a reliable partner for many customers. It has been 14 years already on the market and has always provided qualitative service and wonderful products. If you look for a neat template for your new site or want to refresh the old one, you need to visit the TemplateMonster official site. Every theme combines smart features that provide effective performance and neat design. Even the most sophisticate users can find something to the taste. Among the wide range of templates you will find different CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and much more. Together with it, as a customer you get 24/7 support team that is ready to help with any question considering the templates. Today you will learn about a way how to cooperate with TemplateMonster. It is a great and really beneficial way for you and your environment. Social Stock Program is a real opportunity to win various prizes and get a discount at the same time. You may save money and get professional website templates as you share different creative messages on the global net. All you need is to have a strong desire to make some money and involve your friends. It is a kind of a deal that requires no investments. There is only one rule, you should be more than 18 to take part in a campaign. Do you want to see how it works?

How it works

When you become a participant of TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Program you get a 10% promo code discount. It may be used for all TemplateMonster’s templates. Then you should share it to your friend, business colleagues and even your social media followers. The more people get the code, the more chances you have to get the desirable prize. You are the person who chooses how to spread the code. Make something good for others and involve your friends who might need a qualitative template with a 10% discount. Seems to be a good offer, as TemplateMonster give you a chance to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. It is quite time to get to work and take part in Social Stock Program. Do it now and apply for a registration

How to become a participant

get started

Here is an important part, but that is easy. As you follow simple registration steps, you will fill in some forms and in a few minutes you are already in a race. Become a participant and get a chance to win not only some money, but Tesla Model S or Harley Davidson Street. Firstly, you need apply for a registration. After that you will get and e-mail, where you will find a 10% promo code discount. That is the code you will deal with. You task is to share it with others, but do it smartly and creative (we will tell you how to do it later). Check out the results to be informed. Collected points for each promo code usage will be shown on your personal page. The whole process doesn’t require much time and efforts, so enjoy it. Here comes the most intriguing part. Do you want to know more about the prizes?

List of prizes

You need to collect as many points as possible. The scheme is so, more points – better prizes. You can win $100 on your PayPal Account, Pebble Smartwatch, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 7, Canon EOS 6D, MacBook Pro, Harley Davidson Street or Tesla Model S. Make your dream come true and make a first step, because the offer is worth it. You are welcome to see the full list of prizes here.


How to tell the world about the campaign


TemplateMonster has prepared a bunch of various cool stuff to make more fun. You will see popular memes and amusing pictures to help you with promoting the promo code. What is more, plenty of bannersand demotivators are created for you by TemplateMonster. There are also ready-made text messages that you can send rightaway to your friends. As soon as you are register, visit your profile and see all the available free sets for promotion. Send as many messages as you can, because this way you increase your chances to win MacBook Pro, Harley Davidson Street or Tesla Model S.


How do I know that I have enough points for a particular prize?

To get to know the amount of the collected points you need to go to your Social Stock profile. There you will find a special field for the promo code. Enter yours there and check out the score. On the top of the page there will be a list of prizes. There also will be a button showing if you have collected enough points to get a certain prize. When the button turns green, it means that you have already earned enough point for this prize. You press the button and get the reward for your points. If you to keep on collecting the points, simply leave everything as it is and head on to the bigger prizes.

The Social Stock Program is valid till December 31st, 2017. It means that if you start now, there is a real opportunity to win one of the biggest prizes in the contest. Another way is to win even several prizes, everything is up to you. If you already 18, enroll now and soon you will get 100$ on you PayPal account or a new Apple device. If you really want, you can do it, so believe in yourself and make your dream come true with TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Program.

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