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WebTecHelp receives 70,000+ unique visitors per month. Our visitors include web designers, developers and web design agencies. They are normally searching for templates, resources and technologies to help them to work better.

Sponsored Content / Guest Posts

Sponsored content is available on WebTecHelp or on our sister site, WebDesignLike, with 50,000+ uniques.

Add a Resource

Adding a resource to an existing article is also possible on WebTecHelp or on our sister site, WebDesignLike. Your resource will be added to the top of the list on the page. To find our most popular page about a specific topic, search in Google for ‘ wordpress templates’ for example. The highest ranking page is normally the most popular one.


The standard still has to be good – the more informative and less biased the better. You may contact us below with your content title or resource to begin.

Other Advertising

We are open to other opportunities, contact us about any of them below.

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