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45+ Best Free Logo PSD Mockups

In this post we have included 45+ Free Logo PSD Mockups available on the web. These high quality free Logo psd mockups can be used for various purpose for your upcoming project.

When you finish designing a logo for a client comes the time when you have to show it to him. With a realistic Photoshop PSD Poster and User Interface mock ups you can create a PSD mockup as convincing as the real thing! If the client needs the logo for website, print you have to show him how the logo will look on the product. With these Logo PSD Mockups you can impress your client easily 🙂

If you have any comment or if you have something to share, you can write them down here. We will also be glad if you will spread the word by sharing this article.  Download easily editable free psd files from here and please share with your friends. Happy reading and using!

See Also:

Poster Frame (Download)

This PSD mock-up allows you to showcase your posters, artworks or pictures in a very realistic way. It comes in both vertical and horizontal views and works with smart objects so you can easily drag and drop your design.

Poster Frame

Stationery MockUp – Wood Edition (Download)

A high-resolution stationery mock-up with olive wood theme and 10 different objects to create a distinctive presentation. The PSD file uses smart object feature, so you can add your design easily. You can also change the background color to complement your composition.

Stationery MockUp

Wooden Business Cards (Download)

Here’s a PSD mock-up designed for those who love the natural look and feel of wooden business cards. Use the smart objects to showcase both sides of your business cards design. Further you can change the color of your design and the background color. This freebie has been provided by our friends at, a brand new place to download lots of goodies.

Wooden Business Cards1

Apple Responsive Screen (Download)

Showcase your work best with these two different PSD Mockups by Vinay Mittal. In this pack you will get all new Apple devices like iPhone5S, iPhone5C, New MacBook Air, New iMac, iPad Air. All objects are fully-layered so you can create your own layout with ease. Ideal for Responsive Web & Apps Design Showcase or anything you want.

Apple Responsive Screen

MacBook Pro (Download)

Use this high-resolution PSD mock-up to show off your apps and web design projects in a beautiful way. Simply drag and drop your design inside the Smart Object and get your presentation ready in no time.

MacBook Pro

White iPad (Download)

Today I’m happy to share with you a beautiful and clean iPad mock-up ideal for blog, web or print. All the elements are separated so you can move or hide any of them and create your own composition. Use the smart object to easily drag and drop your design. This PSD freebie is available for free download courtesy of Cho and her studio, TOMODACHI.

White iPad

Wood Engraved (Download)

Here’s the frontal view of the very popular Wood Engraved Logo Mock-Up. Just replace the placeholder logo with your own inside the smart layer and you’re good to go. The download also includes 3 high-quality wood textures for you to choose from.

Wood Engraved1

Silver Business Card (Download)

We’re delighted to present this elegant business card mock-up ideal to showcase vertical designs. The PSD file includes smart layers to minimize your work. The credit for this great freebie goes to Jose Polanco.

Silver Business Card

App Screens Perspective (Download)

Use this fully-editable PSD template to showcase your app screens or interface design. You can easily change the background color and the depth size of the screens.

App Screens Perspective

Branding / Identity (Download)

Here’s a high-resolution branding template including the following items: A4 sheets, envelopes, business cards, iPad, iPhone, pencils, eraser and clips. The image used for this mock-up was made available by Vitaly Stepanenko. You can check out more of his photos on Istockphoto and Shutterstock.


Living Room iPhone 5S (Download)

Today’s special is a super clean and sharp iPhone mock-up from ZedProMedia, perfect to present your app or web theme. Replace the screen easily via smart layer, color correct to your liking and you’re good to go!

Living Room iPhone 5S

Branding / Identity (Download)

Here’s a new set of stationery elements to showcase your branding projects with style. You can move, hide and edit any element separately. The high-resolution allows you to easily create beautiful close-ups and previews of your design.


Silver Stamping Logo (Download)

A metallic foil printing effect combined  with embossing to create a “fancy” presentation for your logo, signage or lettering. Use the smart layer to easily drag and drop your design.

Silver Stamping Logo

Letterpress Business Cards (Download)

A photorealistic PSD business card mock-up to present your business card design with the unique, tactile feel of letterpress printing. Use the smart layers to place your design and change the business cards side color via adjustment layer.

Letterpress Business Cards

Sketchbook (Download)

Here’s a photo-based sketchbook mock-up with fully separated and movable objects and shadows. The PSD uses smart objects which let you place your drawings with ease. The artworks used as placeholder in the screenshots belongs to Alexandru Popa.


Art Book (Download)

Here’s another PSD mock-up for artists. Simply use the smart layer to drag and drop your drawings and create a very realistic presentation. The artwork used in the screenshots is the work of Alexandru Popa.

Art Book

Embossed Paper (Download)

This PSD mock-up creates an embossing effect into the paper for your typography and logo designs. The smart objects make it a breeze to place your own design so you can have a nice presentation in no time.

Embossed Paper

Photorealistic Magazine (Download)

Showcase your magazine spreads in a very realistic manner with this fully-editable PSD template. Just drag and drop your design inside the PSB file and the smart objects will finish the job for you. Make sure to check out the full preview for details.

Photorealistic Magazine

Translucent Business Cards (Download)

A high detailed business cards mock-up to showcase your business card design as printed on translucent plastic. The PSD file is fully editable, including the depth-of-field effect and you can easily add your designs using the smart objects. Enjoy!

Translucent Business Cards

Book Cover (Download)

The mockup is ideal for graphic and web designer alike to showcase their book cover designs in a realistic way. The resource is created in Photoshop with editable smart-object layers for Photoshop CS3+

Book Cover

Magazine Cover & Internal (Download)

Our magazine cover and internal page mock up is an awesome way to present your print work, you can download the source file that includes to individual PSD that includes smart layers so you can easily add your own work.

Magazine Cover & Internal

Elegant Metallic (Download)

A photo-realistic metal logo mockup in Photoshop PSD format. Using this freebie, you can quickly create your own perspective logo concepts in 3D embossed steel and present them to your clients!

Elegant Metallic

Realistic (Download)

Here is another Realistic Logo Mock-Up requested by fans.


Mockups Denim Textures (Download)

This is the simply mock-up and not really hard to do it. All you can do it’s just Try and Error for Perspective Background and Logo, then for the Blending Effect.

Mockups Denim Textures

Logo Mockup (Psd) (Download)

A huge collection of logo mockup from blugraphic and i loved all of these. Photoshop smart object paste and save logo mockups on perspective 3d backgrounds with blur and lighting effects. Download these huge collection now.

Logo Mockup (Psd)

Embroidered (Download)

Have you ever wondered what your logo looks like embroidered on a t-shirt? Use this PSD mock-up to get a quick idea and be sure to change the texture color to go along with your design.


Leather Stamping (Download)

A new realistic embossed leather effect to mock-up your logo, badge or lettering. Use the smart layer to easily replace current logo with your own in no time.

Leather Stamping

3D Wooden (Download)

Showcase your designs with this photorealistic PSD mock-up template. Just place your logo inside the smart object layer and you’ll get this great 3D wooden logo effect.

3D Wooden

Gold Stamping (Download)

Metallic foil stamping is a great way to add “prestige” to a design that calls for polished look. With this PSD mock-up, you can easily get that look directly in Photoshop. Use the smart object feature and quickly create a great presentation.

Gold Stamping

3D Wall (Download)

Replace the smart object content quick and easy, and have fun with this fully layered Photoshop file.

3D Wall

Stacked Presentation Folders (Download)

With this PSD mockup, your design appears on several presentation folders at once. Recipients get a head-on view of the folder’s front cover artwork as well as an impression of how it will look in a stack of identical folders.

Stacked Presentation Folders

Pearl White (Download)

A real cool logo/text mock up with a metallic edging and a pearl texture effect, PSD includes smart layer, so you can drop in your text or transparent and your done.

Pearl White

Realistic 3D  (Download)

Our logo PSD mockup is a smart layer Photoshop file that will help transform your logo or text into a realistic 3D perspective of your logo.

Realistic 3D

Vintage Metal Emblem  (Download)

You gotta love those vintage automobile and electronics emblems! This mock-up tries to resemble that old fashion style of metal lettering. It’s easy to edit, just open the smart object in the PSD file, place your logo and save it. Check out the full view to see all the details!

Vintage Metal Emblem

Cutout (Download)

Realistic logo mock-up with clean look and fine details,  ready for your presentations. It works with any shape or text, using the Photoshop smart object feature. Check out the full view to see all the details!


Pressed Cardboard (Download)

Make a realistic presentation of your logo with this PSD letterpress mock-up. Just drag any shape or text inside the PSB file and the smart objects will do the hard work. The template is available in high-resolution so you can easily adapt it to your needs.

Pressed Cardboard

3 Photorealistic (Download)

This massive freebie is compliments of Peter Olexa. It includes 3 photo-realistic logo mockup templates. They work great for presenting your logo, badge, sign design, text or shape.

3 Photorealistic

Linen (Download)

A textile linen logo presentation mockup to showcase your latest design in a very fashionable way. It uses smart layers to make it as easy to use as possible.


Free Business Card (Download)

A new original psd business card mock-up template with an elegant cardboard box. Ideal for dark themed business card designs. (3,15×2 inch)

Psd Business Card

Business Card (Download)

A very photo realistic mock-up, just replace images with your designs using “Smart Objects”, and enjoy the result!

Business Card

Realistic Business (Download)

This business card mock-up is fully customizable. You can add your design or simply edit the template information very easy, via smart object. The shadows, reflections, depth of field and background texture are on separate layers, so you can play around with all the details.

Realistic Business

Business Card Mock-up 02 (Download)

Perfect for presenting your work in style. It uses smarts objects to make it easy to place your designs.

Business Card Mock-up 02

Business Card Mockup (Download)

Hi,there! So this is the second Business Card Mockup.You can download it for free,and play around with the psd file.It’s easy to edit,the layers are named,and organised.

Business Card Mockup 2

Iphone / Ipad (Download)

This freebie high resolution hand mockup is absolutely free to use whatever you want.

Iphone - Ipad

iPhone 6 Infinity (Download)

Mockup template of the iPhone 6 Infinity shown with long shadows.

iPhone 6 Infinity1

Colorful Business Card (Download)

Use this PSD business card mock-up to create a unique, colorful presentation for your business card design. You can easily change the color for each stack separately.

Colorful Business Card

Branding / Identity MockUp Vol.4 (Download)

This is volume 4 of branding  mock-ups series. You get a new set of stationery items that can be easily edited and rearranged to create a distinctive presentation. Be sure to check out the actual size, then hit the green button!

Branding Identity MockUp Vol.4

Branding / Identity MockUp Vol.6  (Download)

The sixth volume of branding mock-ups series features a wide range of stationery items to showcase your project in a very realistic style. You can easily place your design via smart objects and change the colors according to your needs. Check out the real pixels for details.

Branding Identity MockUp Vol.6

Carved Wood (Download)

Carved Wood

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