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40+ Best Free Mobile & Web Icons Download

From website to mobile, Icons play a very important role to make their appearance more attractive. Website design as well as look largely depend on this issue. Forany user interface design icons are essential. Icons have to be matched with themes.Following latest trends graphic designers make new icons every day.

Our todays treat for you is some exclusive, stunning, great collection of Free Mobile & Web Icons.They are user friendly, unique in style, circle, flat, round, simple. For personal or commercial projects they are just awesome. These fantastic web and mobile icons are ideal for different designers. Another eye catching character of these icons are their multiple usage. You can use it for presentations, info graphics, web design etc..

From many reliable sources these most famous icons we have collected to fulfill your requirement. Just check out the icon sets below! Use them as you think is best for you. We hope this great addition will increase your design power more and will grab tons of the user’s attention.

Today’s round up are just perfect even for Android,iPhone, Windows8 and iOS app styles. Source files and ad dons are also included. So, enjoy!

Free Mobile Berries Icon Set (Download)

Free Mobile Berries Icon Set

line icons by iconShock (Download)

this time we have a great pack of 12000 line icons totally free, following the simple and beautifully geometric nature of our new flat icons and our mobile pack .

12000 line icons

Iphone Transportation by iconShock (Download)

This set contains all the icons which allude to transportation elements related to kinds of airplanes, cars and even animal track transporting. This set includes approximately 6350 unique icon shapes ( without counting sizes ), and all sizes: 20, 30, 40, 60, 72, 114 and 512 pixels, vector files in PSD format and following the iOS guidelines.

Iphone Transportation

350 Mobile App Icons (Download)

This icon set has been perfectly sized to fit iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, and Windows Phone 7 devices.

350 Mobile App Icons

Free Mobile App Icons (Download)

Design better mobile apps with Free Mobile App Icons!

Free Mobile App Icons

Metro Style Icons for Windows Phone (Download)

Metro Style Icons for Windows Phone is a collection of nearly 850 royalty-free icons for Windows Phone.

Metro Style Icons for Windows Phone

Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone (Download)

Application Bar Icons for Windows Phone

Stackicons Social Icon (Download)

Stackicons Social Icon

LED Icon Set (Download)

LED Icon Set

Quartz Icon Pack (Download)

Quartz Icon Pack

Application Icon Set (Download)

The Application Icon Set consists of 120 pixel-perfect icons in three different sizes.

Application Icon Set

Mobile App Icons in Color (Download)

Mobile App Icons in Color

Feather (Download)


Token (Download)


69 Flat Icons (Download)

69 Flat Icons

Metro-Style Icons (Download)

Metro-Style Icons

PixeloPhilia2 (Download)


Dusk (Download)


Free Mobile Berries (Download)

Free Mobile Berries

austerity (Download)


Mobile CMS Icons (Download)

Mobile CMS Icons

stroke icons (Download)

stroke icons

Basic set (Download)

Basic set

Dashicons (Download)


NIXUS Icon (Download)


Crisp Icon Set (Download)

Crisp Icon Set

Android Application Icons Set (Download)

Android Application Icons Set

Android Icons Set 2 (Download)

Android Icons Set 2

Stroke Gap Icons Set Vol.2 (Download)

Stroke Gap Icons Set Vol.2

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set (Download)

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set

iphone Toolbar Icons (Download)

iphone Toolbar Icons

handset icon (Download)

handset icon

Premium Pixels Icon Set (Download)

Pixels Icon

Genericons (Download)


Circle Icons Pack (Download)

Circle Icons Pack

Fake7 BlackBerry Icons (Download)

Fake7 BlackBerry Icons

Odincons (Download)


ecqlipse (Download)


Free 16px icons (Download)

Free 16px icons

Batch (Download)


Clean Icons (Download)

Clean Icons

Once (Download)


Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons (Download)

Free Wireframe Toolbar Icons

Freecons (Download)


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