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15+ Free & Premium Animals & Pets HTML Templates

How to develop the website for your online pet shop? Just use one of our Animals and Pets Web Templates. In this category more than 15 free & premium Website Templates presented for animal & pet lovers. Our all animals & pets web templates are user friendly, fully responsive, easy to customize to meet all your requirements and needs. You do not need any coding or programming skills. So, save your time, money & valuable efforts.

All these awesome templates useful for pet supplies, pet store owners, animal club, animal hotel, veterinary services, animal rescue center, or breeder website and all other related animal & pet web templates.

Do you love animals & pets? If you have a cat, dog, a horse, a rabbit, an aquarium full of fishes or any other, it means you have a soft heart with strong emotional bonding. Naturally you become really sensitive about them. You will take all steps with love and care to provide them best comfort. Just imagine. Pet owners get their all necessary products online from your website. If you can offer them this reliable service with the best comfort of sitting at home, then they will be more than happy and will rush to your wonderful pet site.

Are you a born pet lover? Want to start a pet shop business? Well there is a great chance for you. A nice pet store deal with all varieties of pets. It stores their all required products also. For the huge popularity of your pet shop having a strong online presence is a vital point.

To make pet & animal related great websites one need to keep in mind some points. They must be cute, cuddly & inspire friendliness, happiness & comfort. From modern to vintage these awful designs cover a broad range of web design styles.

If you want your website to stand out among the others you need a bright, lovely pet friendly web design. Fishes & exotic animals, cats and dogs or for any pet you need a real premium quality template. Enjoy them and create your dream attractive pet websites!

Our top free & premium animal & pet themes have some excellent, eye catching features like clean layouts, slider options, simple designs, drop-down menus, shopping cart integration, video and photo galleries, review systems etc.. Moreover they are designed with the recent CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks. So, Pick the Vet & Pets website template you love.

Free Animals & Pets HTML Website Templates

Pet Club  ( Demo / Download )

The appealing layout is executed in black and white colors with bright green and orange accents. The main content part consists of Welcome and News blocks where you can present the general info for the readers. Nicely designed Pets for Adoption section will certainly appeal to the viewers.

Pet Club

Cat Care ( Demo / Download )

Free Animals & Cats Templates.

Cat Care

Barn Animal ( Demo / Download )

Barn Animal

Smarty ( Demo / Download )

The Smarty for animals and pets Mobile web template is used to develop and design a pet-related website. We will be using jquery slider for web and Mobile Templates.


Zoo ( Demo / Download )

Excite visitors with sneak peeks of the animals in your zoo even before they arrive with this new website template! Whether majestic or adorable, the animals will surely find their place on this neutral website template.


Doggy ( Demo / Download )

This template supports all browsers, and Mobile phones as well. The template comes in three different designs for browsers. If you are planning for only mobile site like smartphones, iphone, android and others; Use the smartphone template.


4Pets animals ( Demo / Download )

The 4Pets  animals Mobile website template is an ecommerce website for pets. The template is used to provide the user information about pet cares, pets clinic, animals related forum are else. We will be using jquery slider for web and Mobile Templates. This template supports all browsers including mobile phones.This website comes in three different designs for different browsers.

4Pets animals

Pet Shop ( Demo / Download )

Pet breeders and shop owners looking for a website template may want to try this new website template designed with their needs in mind. Containing multiple sections for and informative and image-rich website, this template makes sure that there is more than enough space for your pet content.

Pet Shop

Pet Clinic ( Demo / Download )

Pets bring happiness in our life, they show it so openly that we give this love back to them with sheer enthusiasm. These lovely little neighbours fill our life with so many positive emotions and joyful moments, and we should therefore take care of them more.

Pet Clinic

Premium Animals & Pets HTML Website Templates

Pet Store ( Demo / Download )

Pet Store Prestashop Responsive Theme is specially designed for pets, animals and food store. Pet Store prestashop responsive theme is looking good with it’s colors combination.

Pet Store

Pet Care ( Demo / Download )

PetCare Kennels is an elegant, minimal design aimed at dog boarding kennels and the pet services industries. The design is based upon the bootstrap 1170px width and utilises the tablet and mobile views.

Pet Care

Rescue ( Demo / Download )

Rescue is a theme built with one purpose: Getting animals adopted. And on the plus side, your shelter can now have an awesome looking website.


Petshop ( Demo / Download )

Yuppie Puppies is the HTML template developed especially for pet shop companies.


VetParlor ( Demo / Download )

A beautiful theme aimed at veterinary clinics (or any other business you see fit).

Vet ( Demo / Download )

VET is HTML5, responsive template for Veterinarians, Animal Clinic and similar. Template contains 13 HTML files and PHP file for submit forms.


PetSitter ( Demo / Download )

PetSitter is a clean, clean and responsive template. It is suitable for petsitters site, a pet’s blog or other pet oriented sites.


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